Dynamic Brake Systems "DBS" is the high performance brand from Dynamic Defense Solutions FZE - a leading innovator of world class armored car parts components and systems for production-based armored vehicles covering armored suv’s, armored sedan cars, armored cash in transit vehicles, armored pickup trucks, armored vans, armored buses, armored personnel carriers. DBS is the leading company to offer high performance brake upgrades for production armored cars.

DBS was founded with the singular mission of becoming the leading aftermarket manufacturer and supplier of high performance brake components and systems for armored cars. The company founders sought to challenge the status quo in known brake technology, and set new paradigms for brake system upgrades. DBS has quickly earned a reputation for quality and performance with no compromise using on leading technologies and high quality material.

At Dynamic Brake Systems "DBS", we have highly satisfied customer base of armored vehicles armoring companies all around the world.

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